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Filter roll

Filter rolls in air filters are also known as universal filters or self-cut filters, as the filter mat can be cut as needed.

At Danfilter, you can find filter rolls, which are long filter mats that have not yet been cut into filter frames. For example, you can buy whole rolls up to 20 meters, and customise them yourself.

We can supply filter rolls in EN779 filter classes G2 - M5. The filters are good to use for granular industrial filtration. If you need rolls that are cut to specific dimensions, you can contact us for further details, and we can do this too.

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Production of filter rolls

We get our filter rolls delivered on large pallets from our skilled partners, who make the filter rolls in large machines that we do not yet own.

Production takes place in a system where a lot of fibres are melted. The production machine can place the melted fibres in thin layers and ensure that they are properly laid out. Eventually the merged fibres come out as a filter roll.

In order to guarantee our customers high quality, the filters are wrapped in large rolls of hard plastic so that no damage occurs during transport.


  • Can be cut according to need
  • A lot of product for the money
  • Great quality
  • High level of particle gathering

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A sustainable business

At Danfilter, we are constantly working to become more sustainable, as it is important to us that we take responsibility as a company. We are convinced that together with our customers, employees, and partners, we can do more to shape a more sustainable future.

One way we do this, is to make sure that our partners and suppliers not only deliver filters of the best possible quality, but also that they have a green profile, and are just as conscious of helping to reduce the climate footprint as we are. Most of the plastic we use for our filter frames comes from recycled plastic, and we continue to work on developing our processes to make them more sustainable.

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