Our sustainable profile

At Danfilter, we have a strong and sustainable culture, because it is important to us to reduce the climate impact. We want to emphasise that we are proud that, as a company, we take climate issues seriously and do something about it.

We are convinced that what is good for our customers is also good for the planet. We believe that together with our customers, employees and partners we can help shape a greener future. We naturally focus on sustainability, because if it is important to society, it is important to us!

By optimising our processes, we consistently work on and develop our production to make it as sustainable as possible, so that we ultimately produce less waste and use less energy per produced filter. In this way, we help reduce the carbon footprint and ensure that our company does not emit large quantities of pollutants.

Therefore, we have a green focus in everything we do, be it our canteen’s arrangements or our filter factory. Our main goal is to create environmentally friendly products that create the best possible indoor climate for end users.

We focus on:

50-80% of our fibres come from recycled plastic

  • Deposit bottles become new filters

Less transport

  • Production in Denmark
  • Reduced transport of raw materials and end products

All of the company’s power is green

  • Solar and wind power

Less meat consumption and local produce

  • Locally produced fruit and vegetables
  • Meat consumption reduced by 20%

Filter changes are, in fact, important for the environment

We don’t just talk about the importance of changing your filters, just because we are crazy about ventilation filters and indoor environment. It can be harmful to breath in the air if there are, e.g., fungus spores or something similar in your filter, but a used filter is actually also highly flammable. Since our filters are entirely made of combustible material, they can be disposed off and turned into new energy for central heating and electricity – this way, you can actually look at your filter as gift for the environment and indoor climate.

Get filters from your old bottles

Nowadays, a big part of plastic bottles and other products made from clear plastic are recycled, to avoid large amounts of plastic waste on soil and our gardens. The wish for recyclable plastic was a requirement on our part when we had to choose suppliers we wanted to work with at Danfilter. For us, it has been a natural to our development that we only select and collaborate with companies that have a green profile, work environmentally friendly and use recycled materials.

Green to produce locally

We prioritize sustainability and therefore have local production. Read on and learn more about local production and the benefits that come with it

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