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Is your school or university lacking a good indoor environment? With filters for ventilation systems from Danfilter, we can fix this together!

A poor indoor environment in schools and universities can negatively affect students’ concentration and performance. It is therefore crucial to ensure the indoor environment is good and healthy in these types of locations. A bad quality indoor environment often comes from poor or no ventilation, which can cause students to experience headaches and nausea. 

You can ensure a good indoor climate in schools and universities by installing the right filters for the site's ventilation system. Danfilter is one of the largest manufacturers on the Danish filter market, and we are already working with different schools to provide them with a good indoor environment. 

If you / your school is experiencing a bad quality indoor environment due to poor ventilation, you can work with us to find a solution that suits you.

Want a non-committal offer?

Send your information to us and we will contact you and your company as soon as possible.

Short delivery time

For schools and universities, Danfilter can deliver your order in whichever way suits you best. All you have to do is talk to our customer service staff, and together we can find the best solution for your school / university. We do our best to ensure that your order will be delivered quickly and try to be as environmentally friendly as possible when we choose our supplier.

We are Danish

Danfilter is a Danish manufacturer. In Denmark, we stock our warehouse with thousands of standard filters ready to be shipped. As we develop and produce our filters locally, your school / university has the opportunity to come out and see the filters, and receive guidance and help with the planning from our filter experts. 

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Sustainable filters

A good indoor environment is important for students' concentration and performance, and your school / university can have filters made from recycled plastic from Danfilter. The majority of the plastic we use for our filter frames comes from recycled materials.

At Danfilter, we make sure that the suppliers we work with also work sustainably and have a green profile, and are, like us, aware of their climate impact. 

Schools and universities can safely buy filters through us, as we ensure you high-quality and sustainable filters at cheap prices.

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The indoor environment in schools

A good indoor environment has a huge importance for students concentration og performance. Read more and become aware of the importance the indoor environment has for school students.

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