We take responsibility

UN global goals

At Danfilter, we do our best to support the UN’s global goals and help with sustainable development. We have identified 3 global goals by which we can contribute globally in the best possible way.

UN global goals

Health and well-being

Danfilter's primary goal is to ensure a good indoor environment for the community, which promotes health and well-being. Danfilter offers high efficiency and quality air filters designed to remove harmful particles and pollutants in ventilated air. At the same time, our filters can remove dust, fog, smoke etc. for a safer environment.

UN global goals

Sustainable energy

Gaining universal access to electricity requires investing in clean energy sources. Therefore, all of Danfilter's electricity comes from green energy sources, as we only use solar and wind power.

UN global goals

Responsible consumption and production

Danfilter's environmental impact is continuously reduced by minimising waste and energy consumption. We use recycled materials and up to 50-80% of our fibres come from recycled plastic. In addition to these measures, we have also reduced our meat consumption and buy organic fruit and vegetables from local stores.

Danfilter’s DNA

For us, attitude, courage and determination count for a lot - if not more - on a great resume. We believe that knowledge can be acquired and that everyone can contribute something to our journey together. Today, Danfilter therefore consists of many different profiles and people, who all contribute to making our workplace unique and rewarding for everyone.

Social responsibility

At Danfilter, social responsibility means more than just supporting charities that matter to us. It also means that we take social responsibility for our region and our employees. Among other things, we have an ongoing collaboration with the local job centre and thereby have helped citizens with special needs to find work in a safe and stable environment.

A good working environment

Once you are part of the Danfilter family, we take care and responsibility of the employees' well-being. We do this, among other things, by offering a healthy and varied lunch menu, a fitness centre and facilities that allow you to relax in an otherwise hectic everyday life. At Danfilter, we are constantly working to create the best framework and conditions for our employees so that they thrive and develop in their workplace.

At Danfilter, we support

Every year, we share our successes, and as a result, we support charitable causes.