About Danfilter

Who is Danfilter?

At Danfilter, we are not only proud to be Danish, but also to be the leader within our industry in Denmark.

Danfilter is Danish with a capital D. We develop our filters in Denmark, we have Danish production sites and we are experts at helping our customers. In fact, we are so skilled that we are pioneers within our area and have been chosen as company of the year several years in a row by Børsen Gazelle.

Our skilled team in Denmark produces and delivers filters for customers needing both industrial and process ventilation. We provide everything for comfort ventilation for both private and corporate customers throughout the country. Our production and warehouse provides filters that are in accordance with both ISO 16890 and EN779 standards.

Our 1250 m2 big warehouse contains more than 6,000 stock items. Of course, we cannot always deliver all of them by the next day, but we can, however, produce almost everything within a few days.

We take responsibility

At Danfilter we find the UN goals, social responsibility and a good working environment very important.


We love sustainability and our development is environmentally friendly.

Our history

We have achieved a lot through our time and it only gets better. Follow our journey.

Green – and blue filters

At Danfilter, we are proud to produce quality filters at competitive prices. But price is of course not everything – we are far happier about being able to create growth and jobs in Denmark while, at the same time, having a strong sustainable profile. Thriving and development of both employees and company are important to us, in order to continue growing and enjoying to go to work.

At Danfilter, we use recycled plastic as one of our raw materials. This means that our filters are made of plastic fibres produced from recycled bottles. We use solar power to supply our machines with electricity and think green in everything we do. We go to great lengths to reduce our carbon footprint and place high demands on both our suppliers and partners.
It is no coincidence, that our logo is blue like clean air and green at the very heart. 

Read more about our sustainable profile here

We love e-commerce

We want individuals and companies across countries to be able to buy our Danish quality filters. This is why e-commerce is of strong focus and high priority to us. We want to give our customers the chance to buy quality filters and find relevant information quickly and easily.

Our B2C online shop Filterhuset.dk is Denmark’s leading supplier of home ventilation filters. Since 2013 we have been helping customers all over the country, and now it is time for the rest of the Nordics.

We are absolutely crazy about e-commerce, and therefore we have decided to launch Filterhuset internationally in 2020. And we are, of course, just as great at exporting as we have always been at serving our thousands of Danish customers. You can therefore now buy Danish quality filters as a Norwegian and a Swede at resp. filterhuset.no and filterhuset.se.

2. plads i kategorien Bedste e-handelscase

E-Handelsfinalist 2024

Sammen med vores konsulenthus D.tails vandt vi i maj 2024 en fin 2. plads for vores nye hjemmeside i kategorien bedste E-handelscase med vores B2C webshop Filterhuset.dk til Dansk Erhvervs kåring af de bedste e-handlere i Danmark. Vi er mega glade og stolte over den anerkendelse det er, at komme i så fint selskab og "på podiet" sammen med dygtige giganter som Matas og Søstrene Grene.

Fire gazeller på stribe

Børsen Gazelle

Vi er stolte over, at vi har modtaget fire Børsen Gazeller på stribe, og derfor kan kalde os en Børsen Marathon Gazelle virksomhed. Gazellerne er modtaget i årene 2019, 2020, 2021 og 2022.

En gazelle er en virksomhed, som i løbet af fire regnskabsår hvert år har haft positiv vækst og samlet set mindst har fordoblet omsætningen over de fire år – og det har vi kun kunne gøre, fordi, at vi har så mange gode trofaste kunder, der kommer igen og igen.

Læs mere om hvad Børsen Gazelle er her

Danfilter - ready to conquer the international market

At Danfilter, we are passionate about ventilation filters and indoor air quality. We are dedicated to assisting businesses in finding the right filter solution for their specific needs.

We aim to extend our assistance to even more companies than we already do. That's why we have launched our new international Danfilter site. From now on, companies from all countries can receive advice, guidance and purchase their ventilation filters through Danfilter.

At Danfilter, we place a strong emphasis on continuous development. With the new international Danfilter site at our disposal, we look forward to seeing how many businesses around the world we can assist with our filter knowledge and guidance. We want to bring even more companies along on our filter journey!

Danish collaboration partners

Supplier of original filters for comfort and residential ventilation. We develop and manufacture filters in collaboration with Nilan for all systems.

Official filter supplier and collaborator. We develop future filters in partnership with Danfoss and are, of course, the supplier of original filters for Danfoss residential ventilation.

Official filter supplier. Airteam has outsourced all sales of filters for residential ventilation to Danfilter and Filterhuset.dk.

Official filter supplier for all Eurodan customers.

Danfilter is the official filter supplier to the plumbing wholesale company AO Johansen.

Danfilter is the official filter supplier to the electrical wholesale company Lemvigh-Müller.

We test and develop products in close collaboration with the Aarhus branch of the Technological Institute.

Danfilter is, of course, a member of the Danish E-commerce Association, FDIH (Foreningen for Dansk Internet Handel).

Danfilter is a member of the Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri).

Meet our team

Customer Service & Sales

Anne Holm
Internal Sales Coordinator

+45 4919 2266

Sales & logistics

Anne Kettel
Supply Chain & Sales Coordinator

+45 4919 2266


Onn Suwannabut Gustafsson
Business Development Manager

+45 4919 2266

Kundeservice og Salg

Kathrine Høeg Brask
Sales Support

+45 4919 2266

Marketing og Kundeservice

Nicolai Jensen
Customer Service & Marketing Assistant

+45 4919 2266


Marie Langvad Børsting
Marketing & E-commerce Manager

+45 4919 2266


Ole Sørensen
Production Technician

+45 4919 2266


Simone Møller Espersen
Financial Controller

+45 4919 2266


Henrik Friis

+45 4919 2266