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Panel filter

Panel filters are generally a term for filters with a frame. Panel filters are usually used as a pre-filter or as the first filter step. Their main role is to remove larger particles such as pollen and other granular particles as well as water droplets.

A panel filter from Danfilter is characterised by its large filter area, durability and high quality. The panel filter is available in many standard sizes and can be custom designed as needed in all sizes.

We produce our own filters at Danfilter, and these filters can be made for most of the ventilation systems found in Denmark.

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Production of panel filters

At Danfilter, we manufacture our panel filters from scratch at our own factory in Denmark. The filters are made through our machines, which are powered by renewable energy sources. To start, the filter roll itself is produced and then pleated according to the type of filter it will become. This is done by a machine that can compress the material to form. Then the pleated filter is mounted in frames using super-durable glue and is ready to be sent out to our customers. 

For our panel filters, we generally make frames made from recyclable plastic, but we can also offer to make frames in other material such as metal or cardboard. 

If you have any specific wishes for different sizes or want to know more, you are always welcome to contact us - we are always ready to advise you and your company.


  • Large filter area
  • High level of particle gathering
  • Durable
  • Low energi consumption
  • Water-resistant plastic
  • Flammable

It's green to produce locally

We prioritize sustainability and, therefore, have local production. Read on to learn more about local production and the advantages that come with it.

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Sustainable development

At Danfilter, we are very aware of the climate and its changes, so we focus on working and developing sustainably. Every day, we work on how our processes and the materials we use can be made more environmentally friendly. 

When our panel filters are produced, among other things, this requires large machines and techniques that are connected to power. This power comes from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy, as these are more environmentally friendly. In addition, most of the plastic for our filter frames comes from recycled plastic, as we want to help reduce the large amount of plastic waste.

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