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Customized filters

At Danfilter, we can offer anything for air filtration. Our in-house production can tailor and manufacture all types of panel filters and flat filters, but that is not all.

Our capacity and service extend beyond our own factory. Our network of suppliers offers a wide range of filter solutions, both standard and custom, and we take pride in always finding good solutions. That's why we are always happy to take on a creative challenge.

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Our broad range of custom solutions covers, among other things:

  • Air distribution bags
  • Sandwich filters sewn from multiple layers of filter media
  • Die-cuttings and special gaskets
  • Combinations of particle filtration and activated carbon
  • Filters for electronics, production machinery and technology
  • Food production
  • Industrial painting and surface treatment
  • Compressed air, construction, and hydraulic systems
  • Ships and offshore

It's green to produce locally

We prioritize sustainability and, therefore, have local production. Read on to learn more about local production and the advantages that come with it.

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Sustainability highly prioritized

Sustainability has always been a high priority for us at Danfilter. We are actively involved on the mission to reduce our carbon footprint and have embraced sustainability. Every day, we strive to make our production and daily operations more sustainable.

Since we don't manufacture all our filters in-house, it's important for us to set sustainability standards for our partners and suppliers. At our production facility in Farum, we exclusively use renewable energy for filter production, and we have developed an alternative to the plastic frame in panel filters, saving the planet 30 tons of plastic in 2021.

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