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HEPA filter

HEPA filters are characterised by their combination of innovative design and demonstrated technology. It is also a very delicate filter that can catch small particles.

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particle Air filter. When using high-quality materials, HEPA filters create extremely high levels of air quality, which is very relevant if you want to achieve air sterility, which means no particles in the air.

It is often a requirement for industries such as the pharmacy, electronics, and process industries, where one needs to have control of the air and its particles. These filters are therefore good for hospitals, laboratories, etc.

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Production of HEPA filters

HEPA filters are one of the most powerful and sterile filters available. The filters are manufactured in clean rooms and subsequently sealed and tested.

We receive our HEPA filters from our talented partners who are carefully selected - it is important for us that our partners provide high-quality products. In our own production team, we make sure that the filters are made correctly and meet our high requirements.

The filter roll is made of synthetic fibres that ensure a uniform performance and the filter can be used in critical environments such as hospitals. A HEPA filter’s large surface area is created through plating of the filter material, and therefore also has a low energy consumption.


  • Consistent performance
  • Large filter area
  • Sturdy construction, causing no damage during transport
  • Low energy consumption thanks to the pleated materials
  • Proved quality, even in critical enviroments

ISO standards

At Danfilter we test og document our products. Of course, this is done according to current industry standards. Read about the ISO 16890 standard.

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Sustainability is important

If sustainability is important to society, it is important to Danfilter. We want to help reduce the carbon footprint and pollutant emissions. 

Since we do not yet produce all our filters ourselves, it is important for us that our partners and suppliers have a green profile, and are as aware of the climate as we are. 

We use renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy for our electricity, so our production and processes are sustainable. In addition, our filters are flammable, so the used filters can be thrown out guilt-free.

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