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Stores and shopping centres

An air filter from Danfilter for your ventilation system will benefit your store or your shopping centre’s indoor environment!

In stores and shopping centres, there are often a lot of people shopping or interacting indoors, reducing the fresh air. It is therefore important to have a good indoor environment, so that the centre’s staff and customers do not go home with headaches and / or nausea.

Most pollutants come from product filling and transport of materials. On a daily basis, a store can have many visitors, which can leave millions of tiny particles. In shopping centres, we also consider it relevant to have an air filter, since in addition to the aforementioned, they often have additional pollution from nearby restaurants, gyms and other stores such as dry cleaners. 

We offer low pressure loss filters for stores and shopping centres. This can save your centre or store money on operations, but is also a move towards a greener future. Contact us for a commitment-free chat about filters, and let us help you get what you need.

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Short delivery time

At Danfilter, we can deliver in whichever way is more convenient to you. If it is easiest for your business to have the order delivered to different stores, or if the order should be delivered to your shopping centre, we will handle it. We do our best to ensure that your order will be delivered quickly from our warehouse in Denmark. We always have over 1,000 standard filters in stock.

Danish production

Danfilter is a Danish manufacturer, which means that all our filters are produced in Denmark. Our production and warehouse is based in Denmark, where we often develop and test new filters as we strive for higher quality and to be the best on the market. If your stores or shopping centre need filters, Danfilter is the right choice for you.

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Sustainability in focus

Sustainability has always been a high priority for Danfilter. We are part of the fight to reduce our climate footprint and have therefore taken on sustainability as a key focus area.

The filter frames for our various filters are made of plastic, most of which comes from recyclable materials. In addition, our filters are flammable, so there is no bad conscience when throwing out old filters, as the discarded filters will be converted into new energy, for example electricity and central heating.

For stores and shopping centres, Danfilter can guarantee both high-quality filters and filters made through environmentally-friendly processes and from sustainable materials.

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Air pollution and health

Air pollution continues to rise worldwide and has serious consequences for humans, animals and the nature. Read about why it is important for society to take responsibility.

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