Air pollution and health

Luftforurening og helbred

Danfilter's primary goal is to help the community towards better health, which should be affected as little as possible by air pollution.


In line with climate change, air pollution is getting worse. There are many reasons why the pollution is increasing, amongst other things; cars, people and nature play a part in polluting the air. However, there is a big difference between direct toxic air pollutants and greenhouse gases.

Toxic substances can come from the burning of fossil fuels, volcanic eruptions etc. These toxic substances can bind to particles in the air, such as dust and sand, and thus can easily end up in homes or companies.
These particles can be very harmful, so great care should be taken to prevent them from entering any building.

Both short and long term effects can result from air pollution. In the short term, it primarily affects people with asthma, who may become more ill from pollution.
In the longer term, consequences can be heart and lung disease, effects on the blood, changes in the body's cells, which at its worst can develop into cancer and worsened lungs in children.

Air pollution awareness

Apart from the fact that air pollution can affect human health, it also harms nature and the environment. Various substances can harm nature in that they reduce plant growth and decrease agricultural production.

However, agriculture also contributes to the high emission of ammonia, as 97% of the substance’s emission comes from agriculture. Nonetheless, ammonia is only damaging if the emission is very high, as it otherwise provides good nutrition for plants.

Danfilter is very aware of the issue of air pollution, and we therefore develop filters that have the capacity to filter out the most dangerous particles so that they do not get inside.
We are also very aware that a large part of the emissions of pollutants comes from production, which is why we try to make our production as sustainable as possible in the form of renewable energy and high-efficiency machines.
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