The indoor environment in schools

Indeklima på skoler

The indoor environment in schools

Danfilter has investigated whether there is a connection between the indoor environment in schools and students' performance. A report prepared by the Technical University of Denmark, DTU, and the Danish Science Factory investigates this particular problem and the results speak for themselves - ventilation and a healthy indoor environment are important for both health, learning and performance ability.

Most of us have experienced how stuffy air and poor ventilation can affect our everyday lives at work or in the classroom. A poor indoor environment is mainly caused by poor or no ventilation and can lead to problems such as headaches and nausea, which can affect our learning ability and performance.

Ventilation helps with performance

The report shows that a poor indoor environment in the classroom affects students’ ability to learn – thus, there is a correlation between the students’ performance and the indoor environment. However, the report also shows that doubling ventilation - if done from a poor starting point - can lead to a 10% increase in student performance. 

Exchanging the air and filtering out any harmful particles can, thus, increase students’ performance and learning ability, and the same factors also apply for workplaces and homes.

Poor indoor environment makes us tired and gives us a headache, which is why it becomes difficult to do one's job or focus on lessons.

We always recommend that you have the necessary ventilation and the correct filters to achieve the best possible results. A good indoor climate is also necessary for our health and wellbeing. If your school or company needs help creating a good indoor environment, Danfilter can provide you with the right filters and custom-made offers.
Today, ventilation systems are built into most newer buildings, and if your school or company should be lucky enough to have a ventilation system in place, then you can easily get filters that fit the current system.

At Danfilter, we have extensive expertise with filtration, and can help and advise on improving the indoor environment. Contact our customer service to learn more.


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