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Do you / does your company work in another industry? Don't worry - Danfilter can still produce a filter for you!

Danfilter works with companies within all types of industries. We therefore have a lot of experience in producing unusual or special orders, and we do not stop until you are satisfied with the order.

We stock several thousand items, and what we don't have, we can quickly produce for you no matter what industry you work in. If you have special wishes about dimensions or sizes, we are also able to handle that without any issues.

You are always welcome to contact us and we will be happy to help find the right solution for you.

Want a non-committal offer?

Send your information to us and we will contact you and your company as soon as possible.

Environmentally-friendly delivery

If your company is working in another industry, we can collaborate with you to deliver your order to you. Danfilter is very flexible and only wants satisfied customers. We have fast and environmentally-friendly delivery, due to short delivery time from our production location in Denmark.

Danish filters

Danfilter is a Danish manufacturer of quality filters, and no matter what industry your company works in, we can help you find the best solution and ensure you get the right filters for a good and healthy indoor environment. Your company also has the opportunity to come and see the development and production of our filters at our factory in Denmark.

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At Danfilter, we are committed to sustainability and actively work towards reducing the climate footprint. We believe that together with our customers, employees, and partners, we can help shape a greener future.

That is why we make sustainable filters for all types of industries. For example, most of the plastic we use for our filter frames comes from recycled material. No matter what industry your company works in, it's always important to have a good indoor environment, and Danfilter can help you with that, as we specialise in creating high-quality, sustainable filters at low prices.

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Pollen allergy at work

A big number of Danes suffer from pollen allergy, and are bothered by it if they aren't in rooms with a proper indoor environment.

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