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Are you responsible for a rental housing association, cooperative or residential housing association? Then you are exactly the type of customer we are looking for!

The indoor environment in a home is an important factor for one's health, and since we spend most of our time indoors, it is important to have the best possible air to breathe. You can get this by installing cleaning filters in your ventilation system. Danfilter works with a lot of housing associations to ensure that they get the right filters at the best price and always at the right time and place.

If you buy as a cooperative or as a housing association, we would very much like to help you get a combined offer for all your filter changes. At Danfilter, we produce filters for the majority of Denmark, so when you buy filters from us, you will always get fast delivery and filters of the highest quality. If the housing association has several different ventilation systems, you will be able to buy all the filters together and not have to contact several different manufacturers.

You can buy all the filters you need from us - we guarantee a good price and the highest quality filters. We are already cooperating with several of the country's largest housing companies, call us to hear if you already have an agreement with Danfilter. If not, we can quickly get you a quote.

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Depending on what you want delivered to your housing association, Danfilter is very flexible and will work with you to find the fastest, easiest and best solution. When you shop with us, you don't need to buy your filters from different manufacturers, we can provide all the filters you need. If you prefer to, you can also pick up your item yourself. 

Produced in Denmark

Our filters are manufactured in Denmark at our own factory. In our warehouse, there are always over 1,000 standard filter types available for immediate delivery, and if there are some filters which we do not have in stock that your homeowner lacks, we will of course make them to order for you. This is one of the many benefits of having an in-house production and development department in Denmark.

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At Danfilter, we are aware that the production of our filters can emit CO2, which is why we are constantly working to be as sustainable as possible by optimising our processes to produce less waste and use less energy per produced filter.

Changing your filter is important for the indoor environment in your home, and with Danfilter filters you can throw them out without a bad conscience, as all our filters are combustible and therefore reduce pollution. The old filters will be transformed into new energy like central heating and electricity.

For housing associations, we can guarantee high quality filters made on an environmentally friendly basis and with sustainable materials.  

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Avoid wasting time in traffic

Through a collaboration with Danfilter, you can both save money and time. As a business customer, you don't need to shop with multiple manufacturers; you can get everything from us.

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