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Fan Coil filter

Fancoils are also referred to as wireframe filters. A fancoil filter consists of a metal frame made of thin metal with an attached filter media. The frame is welded together to form a closed ring, and the media is sewn onto the frame to create like a racket of filter media.

This type of filter is produced and stocked for the common models available in the Scandinavian market. Other sizes and variants can be offered as needed.

A fancoil filter has a limited surface area but is suitable for coarser filtration in systems with lower air circulation. The filter cannot be replaced without replacing the frame - the entire filter should therefore be changed each time.

All our fancoil filters are produced inside the EU using synthetic polyester filter media, partially made from recycled PET.

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Sustainable workflow

Danfilter has been working to become more sustainable in various areas over many years. For us, it is a natural part of our workflow to focus on sustainability and green transition, and we are convinced that together with our customers, employees and partners, we can shape a more sustainable future.

Because we have many products that are not produced in our manufacturing facility in Farum, we set high standards for our suppliers to constantly raise the bar for a greener product. Additionally, we continuously work on developing our filter frames, so that in the long term they all can be produced from recycled plastic.

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