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Compact filter

A compact filter is particularly suitable for use in ventilation systems where space is tight and the need for a large filter area is considerable. The characteristic of a compact filter is a large surface area, but one which can fit into small spaces. Compact filters are mini-pleated filters that are also characterised by their high filtration properties.

Compact filters are used for both comfort ventilation and process filtration, and especially in limited space conditions. When there is a risk of moisture, turbulence or a high volume of air, a compact filter is recommended.

The filter is especially good for filtering fine dust and particles.

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Production of compact filters

All filter rolls at Danfilter are made of synthetic fibres, as it is the safest material to work with, and is not as energy intensive.

We get our compact filters from our skilled partners, who we ensure deliver high quality and who have a green profile, like us. Within our own production team, we then make sure that the filters meet the high standard and can be used without any issues.

The large filter surface is due to the pleated method used during the production of the filter.

The compact filter is available in different filter classes and can be used as a front or main filter. The filters are available in several different sizes and are fitted as standard with a solid plastic frame.


  • Large filter area
  • Antibacterial
  • Durable
  • Low energy consumption
  • Water resistant plastic
  • Flammable

Air pollution and health

Air pollution continues to rise worldwide and has serious consequences for humans, animals and the nature. Read about why it is important for society to take responsibility.

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A sustainable future

At Danfilter, we always strive to become more sustainable. We are convinced that what is right for the planet is also right for our customers, and that together with our customers, employees, and partners, we can help create a more sustainable future. 

The majority of the plastics that we use for our filter frames, among other things, come from recyclable plastic. In addition, we always have sustainability in mind when we have to choose our suppliers, as it is important to us that they have a green profile, just like us. 

In order to optimise the production processes of our compact filter, we are in the process of developing methods for how we can produce compact filters ourselves for our corporate customers. In this way, money can be saved, but also transportation time and pollution.

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