Pollen allergy at work

Pollenallergi på arbejdet

Pollen allergy at work

There are up to 400-500 million people worldwide suffering from pollen allergy, which means that there is a high chance that many people in your company cannot tolerate pollen.
It is important to be able to go to work, sit inside and work without being bothered by the environment you are in. If you suffer from pollen allergy, you might think that you just have to stay indoors to avoid pollen, but every time a door opens pollen can enter. To free your workplace of pollen, you can apply a pollen filter through a mechanical ventilation system that can remove up to 95% of all pollen in your fresh air system.

Danfilter's pollen filters can help


With a pollen filter from Danfilter and regular filter changes, those who have allergies will have a whole new experience of the indoor environment. A pollen filter is only used on the fresh air side of the ventilation system, as this can filter out the small pollen particles and people with allergies will be able to breathe normally.

Mechanical ventilation has many advantages, as it functions by sucking the indoor air of the workplace into the ventilation systems and then blowing fresh and filtered air in again. The ventilation ensures that harmful particles from outside are filtered out.

Most people are allergic to grass, mugwort and birch. These can be filtered out by a pollen filter or a SafeAir filter from Danfilter.

Avoid having your employees work in a place filled with pollen.


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